Production - All The Way To Paris - TOKYO CRAFT ROOM

Craft for the future, born in a new era - All The Way To Paris × Wool carpet / HOTTA CARPET

To be honest, I was surprised to see how well the carpet matched the interior. Normally, when we make a single carpet, we see it as a 2-dimensional graphic, so the product is completed almost exactly as we imagined. However, with this WOOLTILE, a large part of the final product is left up to the user's way of putting it together, so even if you have an image in mind, there are parts that you won't understand until the product is delivered. After delivering and laying out this carpet in the TOKYO CRAFT ROOM this time, I realized once again the beauty of ATWTP's design. We have completed a wonderful product that surpassed our imagination.

あらたな時代に生まれた、未来のためのクラフト - All The Way To Paris × Wool carpet / HOTTA CARPET

「カーペットがここまでインテリアに合っているとは、と正直驚きましたね。通常1枚のカーペットを作る際は、平面のグラフィックで見ているので、ほぼイメージ通りに製品が完成します。しかしこのWOOLTILEは、最終的には使う人の組み合わせ方に委ねる部分が大きいので、イメージをしていても納品しないとわからない部分もある。今回TOKYO CRAFT ROOMという部屋にこのカーペットを納め、敷き詰めてみて、改めてATWTPのデザインの美しさを実感しました。想像を超えた素晴らしいプロダクトが完成しました」